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The Great Pitch Poll 2022 is fuelling the debate about how to improve the pitch process.

Very proud that The Great Pitch Poll is fuelling the debate in Campaign about how to improve the pitch process. Read the full article here:

Key figures from the report are highlighted. Worryingly, in terms of how agencies have respected mental wellbeing, respondents marked every metric less this year than last.

During Mental Health Awareness Week, The Great Pitch Company is highlighting the importance of mental wellbeing across our social media channels. 'YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is the theme of our campaign, and encourages those working in New Business to reach out to a colleague whether they are feeling great or not.

Further advice and support can be sought via the NABS Advice Line.

If you want a copy of the The Great Pitch Poll report please email

Photo via (@Campaignmag)


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