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The Great Pitch Poll 2023

Is new business affecting your mental health?

We all know that working in business development can be both exciting yet exhausting.

But is the relentless pressure of trying to win new business at work, combined with the cost-of-living crisis, whilst battling a strike bound Britain just too much?

We’ll be looking to find out, because today, for a third year we launch The Great Pitch Poll in the UK.

Each year we’ve had a fantastic response, with coverage across the trade media that has got the industry thinking about this key issue.

To have your voice heard, please take just a few minutes to complete our survey, we would love you to be a part of this!

Your anonymised input will help provide important insight into our industry’s New Business practice.

All those that complete the survey will be invited to the launch event, provided with a complimentary copy of the full report and entered in a prize draw to win a £200 voucher for some pampering at Cowshed.

Click here to complete the survey and have your say:



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