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Checklist Day ✅✅✅

Who knew there was such a thing as Checklist Day? But Business Development people just love a checklist, so we thought we would go along with the idea.

Below is a mini checklist of some of the most important considerations when it comes to a new business meeting.

Pitch Preparation Checklist:

1-Know Your Audience:

Research and understand the background, interests, and needs of who you are pitching to – both the individuals and the company. Put yourself in their shoes.

2.- Define your Pitch Proposition:

This is not the answer to their brief. But the reason they should choose your agency rather than anyone else. We call it ‘fifty words to woo your lover’.

3.- Get the outside world in.

Go out and do some innovative research that will ensure you understand the client’s target audience better than anyone else.

4.-Craft a Compelling Story:

Bring your approach to life using micro and macro storytelling techniques. For example, don’t just report what the outcome of your research, tell the story of the research process.


Rehearse your pitch multiple times using a Pitch Doctor. Rehearsal can turn an average pitch into a good pitch. And good pitch into a GREAT and winning pitch. (and double check the technology of course!).

Happy Checklist Day. (...whatever next!)😁



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