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New Year, New Business, New Approach!

We are thrilled to announce that our CEO, Marcus Brown, will be hosting a webinar online for member agencies of the EACA (European Association of Communications Agencies).  


New Business is high on the agenda at the start of the year - and with the 'New Year, New Business, New Approach' webinar, you can learn how to set ambitious yet achievable new business goals - and fulfil them. This webinar will be of interest whether you are the agency CEO, New Business,  Human Resource or Finance Lead of your agency. It’s also relevant for anyone who leads or works on pitches. 

In this highly informative session, delegates will find out how to:

  • Turn a prospect plan into a highly effective prospecting machine

  • How to qualify better and whether to pitch or not to pitch

  • How to increase your pitch-to-win conversion rate.

Ultimately, the session will examine whether it is really possible to PITCH LESS yet WIN MORE. 

If you are not a member agency of the EACA, you can find further information here:  



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